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According to Oxford Paperback Dictionary

The definition of Wisdom is:


1. Being wise, soundness of judgment. 2. wise sayings; the Wisdom of Solomon, a book of the Apocrypha.

The virtue of wisdom is fairly important to me, having this virtue means that foolish decisions while still done can be greatly reduced.  There is a line from a movie Jurassic Park, where the scientist who studies chaos theory states, “Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do something.”  There is great wisdom in this statement.  Pagans, be they druid or witches all have the ability to tap into and use great power for their magick.  But is this always wise to use this power?  Just because we have the knowledge should we indeed use it?  Or how can I use this knowledge for the betterment of myself and others.  Too often in life we have a knee jerk reaction to a situation when the wise course of action should be to stop and think about it.

When we gain knowledge the feeling of having it is wonderful.  However when we apply that knowledge without common sense we can hurt others or ourselves (depending on the knowledge, of course).  Just as an example while we live our daily lives we practice wisdom often.  Such as when we drive to work everyday, while our cars can exceed the speed limit in really ridicules ways but yet we do our best not to.  The reason being, we might hurt someone else if not ourselves.  Not to mention that hefty speeding ticket waiting for us.  So it’s wise to slow down.


According to

1: the quality or state of being pious: as a : fidelity to natural obligations (as to parents) b : dutifulness in religion : devoutness

2: an act inspired by piety

3: a conventional belief or standard : orthodoxy

This one is hard for me to figure out.  To me Piety means to be in service of the Gods, Ancestors and Nature Spirits.  Sounds easy doesn’t it, well it’s not.  We are their instruments and at times that is a very difficult road to walk on.  But yet when we do their work (whether we want to or not) it can lift us higher than this mundane life.  Just to remember that we are loved by the Kindred can make Piety just a little easier.  With a heart felt ritual we can leave our darker days behind and feel the love they have for us remembering them.  Unfortunately, we do have to return to the daily grind of life and the troubles we left when we started.  To me it is also being in service of others, keeping in mind the work we agreed to when we became a Druid.

It’s also respecting the Kindred and understanding we would be no where without them.  They gave us life and it’s up to us to do them honor in everything we say and do, not only to them but to ourselves.  If we just went through the process of Ritual without our hearts into it, how can we treat each other with the same love respect that is given to us each and every day by the Kindred?  Sometimes it is very hard to achieve when you feel hurt and angry so we struggle daily to keep this in the fore front of our minds.  It’s not impossible to achieve but it is a difficult road to walk at times.


The definition of Vision from the Oxford Dictionary is:

1 the faculty of seeing, sight. 2. something seen in the imagination or in a dream. 3. Imaginative insight into a subject or problem ect., foresight and wisdom in planning, a statesman with vision. 4. A person or sight of unusual beauty.

Ah vision a wonderful topic that covers not only mundane but magic as well.  Just while using sight when we go outside we can use our vision and see things differently.  When we see a bird we don’t necessarily see just a bird but the Nature Spirits saying hello.  During Ritual when the gates are open we can visualize the gatekeeper actually opening the portal.  Even while doing this I can see myself completing the Dedicant Program in my mind’s eye.

In magic we use it to not only invoke the well, tree and fire in their true form, but also seeing the end product of our working.  Long term projects even take some vision to see where the project is going and how it will look at the end.  Even the ADF was a vision that Isaac Bonewits had at the creation of the Druidic system he created.  Vision also needs to be a process that involves evolving, after all if something doesn’t work the way you envisioned it, it must evolve and change or else it will go no where.  There’s what has been called the 360 degree view.  One I try to incorporate daily.  We can get lost just seeing in one direction.  There are times when you have to change your sight into something bigger than what you see.  Being able to see all around you, how your actions and words can affect those around you.  You must have the ability to see the small picture rather than the big picture.  Your vision must be adaptable in all circumstances.  So to me vision is an important component within Druidism or Witchcraft.


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  1. Beautiful and thought provoking. Love it! 🙂

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