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: hospitable treatment, reception, or disposition

Hospitality for me is to make sure that everyone feels welcome and warm.  For the guest to know that they are safe in the environment not only physically but emotionally.  That they can share things going on in their lives, share both laughter and tears.  So it’s not just about food and drink but sharing on many different levels.  The amount of trust that’s shown to you as the host is of one of the highest compliments you can receive.  It takes a lot of work to make sure that where you live is a soft place to land for who ever.

In fact even with the Celts it was expected that even the King would welcome one and all into his Hall, and there was a hefty price if he did not accommodate people.  He would lose his throne.

Hospitality has another side to it as well.  And that is of being a gracious guest.  Being able to see that someone has opened their lives and their homes; for you to feel welcomed and important.  To me the concept of a gift for a gift would be for the guest to be grateful for being included into someone’s life.  However always keep in mind that you can misuse the hospitality of someone else.  You must be mindful of not overstaying or expecting the host to wait on you like a slave.


 According to Wikipedia

is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted.

In my view moderation is not allowing our appetites to control and dominate our lives.  While I love to knit if that was all that I did then nothing else would get done.  Another word I would use here would be balance.  Finding the balance in our lives is something we should always strive for.  Whether we are within our mundane lives when we make sure we are eating balanced diet or balancing exercise with rest.  Or in our faith, we can’t just live by our Shrine and not interact with the world around us.  While walking the Mists and mediation is good for us so is interacting with your family and friends.  You can take moderation too far as well, every now and then it’s good to sit with friends and have a little too much to drink and just release the tensions that are in your life.  To have a little fun if you would.

Even in our world views there always room for moderation.  We can see that every night when we turn on the news.  Imagine if you would if the government of Egypt has indeed been practicing moderation within the country, perhaps the Prime Minister would have been loved instead of being forced out of office.  In our own country we can see extremism every other day.  We Are Right is a another way of saying WAR, within moderation there would be greater understanding, acceptance within our society and there be less fighting and more peace.  Moderation to me is so important, for that is the best way for all to understand and love each other.



According to

1: the quality or state of being fertile: the birthrate of a population

The definition above is so limiting.  Fertility to me isn’t just about being able to get pregnant and have a child but so much more.  Even with nature the fertility of the soil to produce life giving nutrients to us and the animals of the world is a small part of fertility in my mind.  After all I’ve been Pagan a good many years.  It’s also the fertility of the mind and of the soul.  If our minds weren’t a fertility ground we won’t be able to be creative, or to able to understand complex concepts.  If our souls were a frozen waste land we couldn’t and wouldn’t have the capacity to love and care for others.  Our ability to create Rituals all comes from a mind that it open and ready for new ideas.  Deity has the ability to be in our hearts and minds because we are ready for them to speak.  But if our minds are closed they won’t be able to come in and speak to us.

So to me having an open mind and heart and soul is fertility.  To be able to connect with the three Kindred shows to me that fertility runs both ways.  For if it wasn’t for Their ability to be fertile this planet would be either a ball of ice or a ball of fire.  It took the fertile minds and will of the Gods and Goddesses to find the balance between the fire and the water to creative life itself.  Making sure that in Their creation of us that our minds and hearts were ready for their knowledge and love.  That we would go forth and populate the world and worship them and take care of those that came before us and working with the Nature Spirits to make sure that this would be a rich land and never become a waste land.

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