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Guest Post: Apparently Pagan   1 comment

By Marlise Ditchweed, Guest Blogger
Marlise Ditchweed is a wandering witch lost in Pittsburgh from her home of OKC. She has a family based group with her husband and two children that has set up shop in the North Hills. Her formal training is in Georgian Witchcraft but prefers the freedom of the eclectic mix of seeking many paths.

“You aren’t going to raise your baby in that strange religion of yours, are you?” Those words slipped from my mother’s lips as I sat rubbing my swelling stomach and picking out a pattern for the nursery. It hadn’t occurred to me before that moment that I had a choice. I was raised that when you belonged to a family, you were expected to be a member of that family’s religion. Beliefs were only up for debate once you left home and tried to ‘find’ yourself. “Why wouldn’t I?” I responded. The answer came out as very matter-of-factly, but over the next several years, I would contemplate long and hard on that answer.

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