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The excellent blog “My Heart in Ancient Egypt: Discussion of Ancient Egyptian culture, language and religion” is maintained by local author and artist Titania. As a practitioner of the Kemetic faith, she has posted several articles on the Negative Confessions, also known as The 42 Laws of Ma’at or The Laws of a Balanced Heart. She describes them as the Kemetic moral and ethical codes and gave me permission to link to them here as an additional reference for the discussion on different codes of conduct.

The First Five Confessions
Confessions 6 – 10
Confessions 11 – 15
Confessions 16 – 20
Confessions 21 – 25
Confessions 26 – 30
Confessions 31 – 35
The Last 7 Confessions 36-42

All of her posts discussion the Negative Confessions.