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Graphic © Snowy Morrighan

“Witch War??”, I hear you say.  Yes, Witch War.

Read: “What is a Witch War?” – by Fritz Jung

While the term “witch wars” might make some eyes roll, it’s a concept that is real.  They do exist.  In the link above, there are some important messages in the article by Fritz Jung, co-founder of Witchvox.  You may think that only a Country, Kingdom or Fiefdom may go to war, and in a way you are on the right track.

Let’s explore the idea of having a Kingdom, Country or Fiefdom.  For starters, they have Rulers.  Rulers hold Titles.  Ahh, yes – titles.  All you need to know about titles in the witch and pagan world is what I learned from a highly respected Elder of SerpentStone:  titles don’t mean a thing, really, outside of your own tradition.  And this is what I teach to my own Clan and students.  You may have the coolest title of “Most Grand High Queen” of the Fluffy Black Badger Grove (or Coven, or Circle, or whatever) – and you may have put years of hard work into gaining that title.  But outside of that group, you are just an every day Joe or Josephine.

Why do countries, kingdoms and/or fiefdoms go to war?  Usually because one ruler wishes to gain control over the land, wealth, and the people of another.

Why do witches go to war?  Yup, same concept.  No, don’t shake your head in disbelief.  It’s real.  It happens.  It’s happening right now – right under your noses.

When I first started out on this path, I was taught “Ask 10 witches a question and you’ll get 20 different answers”.  That’s pretty much no joke.  Is it because many of us have the ability to see things from several different angles?  Or because there are so many different traditions, books, teachers, etc.?  You can take one simple topic, and research it on the internet, and you’ll see what I mean.  But I digress…

What’s most important is that whatever you call yourself, whatever your title is, or whatever path you follow – you do so with Integrity, Honesty, and Respect.  While Fritz writes an excellent article, and I do ask that you read it – I will explain a Witch War in one simple word:  Ego.
We teach “perfect love and perfect trust”.  An important component of this is understanding that truly good energy and a cohesive group mind will fail if you enter circle or space with someone you are not fond of or are at odds with, or someone who has just sucked good energy out of the community.  Which leads me to a point that I feel needs made at this time, because it’s at the very heart of an issue we are seeing first-hand recently.

If you are holding an event or circle or ritual – and someone, perhaps a friend, does not wish to attend based on issues they may have with another attendee, PLEASE don’t bash them, or take it personal.  Respect them, and know that while it might not be what you wish, it’s probably the best scenario all around.  If you are truly following a path of love, light and compassion, you won’t have any problem with respecting their feelings and wishes.

We all have a right to choose whom we wish to associate with, what energies we want to be around. If you take it personal, and begin dividing the community over it, you need to take a good look at your own motives. If you find that Power, Money, or Sex (per Fritz), are the motivation(s) – it’s time to step back and look at things from a different perspective.  Are you truly doing things for the good of the community, or is your “Most Grand High Queen” crown getting a bit too tight?

A lot to chew on, I know.

In Service,

Clan of the Silver Dragon


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