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To Know:

[to have direct cognition of; to have understanding of; to recognize the nature of]

There are many areas of the Craft that can and should be learned, but of primary importance is to know ourselves, our motives and intentions for learning the Craft. Understanding our strengths and acknowledging our weaknesses and knowing how these affect us and all that is around us. As practitioners we should know our inner-self and true nature. And, it does take a person of strength to truly face him/herself, because it requires being completely and openly honest with ourselves. While few people like the proverbial “know it all,” being a dabbler can be just as much of a nuisance, and a practitioner of the Craft who cannot or will not look into the mirror and see what others see is only fooling him/herself.

To Dare:

[to have sufficient courage; to challenge to perform an action; to confront boldly]

To muster the courage. To be willing to take the extra step out of the mundane and into the realm of mystery, belief, and faith. Faith? Yes…faith. No belief system can exist without faith. So it is necessary to dare ourselves. Not to do something foolhardy or blindly, but to learn about ourselves, the Craft, and the world around us. A practitioner who doesn’t dare to try or doesn’t dare to learn is not a practitioner, but merely one who is curious. Yet, this is not as exciting as it might seem, because the typical theatrical portrayals of the Craft are far from reality; so, we also have to have the courage to know the truth about what is and what isn’t.

To Will:

[to express desire, choice, willingness, capability, sufficiency, determination, persistence]

Nothing is ever accomplished without effort. And learning the Craft is no different. It takes focus, energy, and dedication. It also requires patience! In other words, we have to want to know it – we have to have the will to learn it. And learning something new might challenge us to re-evaluate our views of the world. And we have to be willing to grow and change, because learning is a never ending process – it never simply starts with the curious novice nor does it end with the most seasoned High Priestess.

To Keep Silent:

[free from sound or noise; to be still]

Discretion is the better part of valor, but the Craft is more than responsible decisions – it is also learning when to receive (hear), instead of project (speak).  In the olde days, keeping silent was essential for self-preservation, but even in today’s modern society, common sense dictates that not everything should be shared, let alone put on public display for the whole world to see, as if to say, “look at me.” The ways of the Craft are encompassed by this, because growth requires listening.  Keeping silent also makes it easier to take in and enjoy the world around us; allows for a deeper, personal connection with the Divine; and, it is a good method for restoring one’s spiritual resources.


  • The Witches Pyramid has also been called the “Magus Creed.”
  • There is also a “Pyramid of Magick”: Profound Knowledge, Will of Steel, Living Faith, Keep Silent, Love Within.

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