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by ReNauMoon, Guest Blogger
ReNauMoon considers herself a free spirit Pagan. She has been active in the Pittsburgh Pagan scene for well over a decade, from hosting the Evergreen meetings, helping organize the Unity Ritual series, a member of the Pittsburgh Pagan House Foundation, a contributor to the Steel Phoenix Writers Group, and many other activities.

Evergreen in Winter
photo by ReNauMoon

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Currently meeting at Barnes & Noble in Monroeville the first Thursday of every month. Meeting time is from 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Evergreen is one of the longest running Pagan/Metaphysical and open/public discussion groups (NOT a coven or grove) in the Pittsburgh Area. It has always been open to all pagan and pagan-friendly folks to attend.

Evergreen was started by Moonshadow in collaboration with Three Rivers CUUPS/Isis in January of 1999 (if not actually earlier then that as the archives I have access to only go back to Jan 1999) with it’s first meetings taking place at the UU Church in Shadyside. In May of 1999 Moonshadow began Evergreen East at Borders in Monroeville, while still maintaining Evergreen at the UU church. For a short period of time there were two monthly Evergreen meetings.

In August of 1999 The Evergreen Shadyside UU Church meetings became The CUPPS Discussion Group ( Community Uniting Pgh Pagans – which subsequently and unfortunately disbanded in Dec. 1999) and the Evergreen meetings continued at Borders in Monroeville. It was also at that time (Aug or perhaps Sept of 1999) that Moonshadow passed the torch (chair) to ReNauMoon.

Somewhere in the Summer of 2001, Shari became the chair of Evergreen and for several years it switched back and forth between Shari and Eloria. Sometime in early to mid 2005 ReNauMoon became the chair again and is the current chair.

The meetings are always free unless you want to get yourself something to eat and/or drink in the cafe. The turn out for attendees can range anywhere from 4 (during VERY bad weather in the winter) to somewhere between 25-30, with the average ranging between 10-15. The topics are varied and we try not to revisit a topic for about a 2 year period to keep things interesting and informative. Over the years we have had key speakers who have given demonstrations and passed out information packets to the group. We also now have an annual energy exchange that takes the place of a topic, although if someone asks questions about Reiki, crystal healing or any other form of energy healing, folks are more then happy to answer as best they can. Many folks go over to TGIFridays after the meeting for further socializing and food.

This is the list of topics for 2012 for anyone reading this article that might be interested in attending any or all of the meetings:
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Steel Phoenix Writers Group   1 comment

The Steel Phoenix Writers Group is the reincarnation of the former Pagan Writers of Pittsburgh, which had been in existence for most of the past decade. They publish The Steel Cauldron, a literary magazine featuring the articles, stories, poetry, and artwork of local writers and artists.

In person meetings take place the third Thursday of every month, at 7 PM at the Barnes & Noble at Monroeville Mall. The meetings are mostly social but may include reviews, critiques, support, general writing news and discussion, and the never-ending book browsing. When the bookstore closes, the group often reconvenes at TGIFridays for dinner.

Many web-based connections exist for the group:

Steel Phoenix

Submissions are actively being sought for the next edition of The Steel Cauldron! All poetry, short stories, personal essays, and artwork are welcome, although it is suggested that to maintain a Pagan family-friendly publication, that the rating levels be no higher than PG-13. All two-dimensional artwork may be submitted, from black and white line drawings to full color photography. A cover art contest is being held once again. In honor of the group’s name change, a phoenix is asked to be included in the art as well as a steel cauldron for this contest. The winner will receive $50, two copies of The Steel Cauldron, and (obviously) their artwork on the front cover of the magazine. Any non-winning cover art submissions may be used throughout the rest of the magazine. The authors and artists of any submissions chosen for inclusion in the magazine by the review panel will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine.

Pittsburgh Pagan Community Calendar   Leave a comment

PghRegionalPaganCommunityCalendar : Pittsburgh Regional Pagan Community Calendar

This list is designed as an announcement-only calendar serving the Pagan community of the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region.
There is no group affiliation with this calendar. All open pagan and pagan-friendly events may be posted. If you have an event you would like listed, please email the information to the moderators.

Please include:

  • Event
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Description
  • Contact Information

Please remember that the calendar is maintained by volunteers. Events will be posted and queries answered as soon as someone gets to them, but it is best to allow several days leeway. All decisions regarding content are made by the list moderators and are final.
The calendar is only as useful as the information submitted to it – please send in your event listings!

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